Zoom, the most popular videoconference app right now, added several new features recently. To make your virtual meetings more interactive than before, there are latest zoom updates freshly enabled. Be sure to check the settings when you update your zoom

By far, Zoom is the easiest way to communicate virtually, irrespective of your industry. You can be the CEO of a multinational enterprise or a student of a primary school or anyone in between – all of you can use zoom and ace out your tasks equally. It is that easy.

And the experience gets another level-up – with a bunch of whole new features. Let’s dig.

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Latest Zoom Updates

Here are all the latest zoom updates that you can enable on your current version. Some upgrades have been brought in so that it becomes easier for people with disabilities to work during the pandemic.


Pin multiple videos

Here’s the Latest Zoom Updates to Make Your Meetings More Accessible
Image Source: Zoom.us

Before: Pin one video in an ongoing virtual meeting
After the upgrade: Users can now pin upto 9 videos at a time

The latest and most interesting upgrade is allowing zoom users and hosts to pin upto 9 videos at the same time. Users can also adjust the placement of the videos the way they want.


Spotlight multiple videos

Before: Spotlight only one video on the screen
After the upgrade: Hosts can now spotlight upto 9 videos 

Spotlight is a feature allowing hosts to keep one video that he/she feels is important over the others for everyone to see. Multi-spotlight, the new feature, allows hosts to keep upto 9 videos for everyone to see.

This will also let organizations use sign-language interpreters for their video meetings during regular as well as major events and announcements. The idea is to make meetings more accessible for everyone.

Rearrange videos in Gallery View 

Here’s the Latest Zoom Updates to Make Your Meetings More Accessible
Image Source: Zoom.us

Before: View thumbnail images of participants, in a grid pattern, starting with who is speaking or on video
After the upgrade: Users can now rearrange thumbnails and fix them in a certain order

49 thumbnails usually display on the single screen. Now users can choose to arrange them the way they want.

Keyboard accessibility

Before: Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
After the upgrade: Improvement in screen reader interface

Another major enhancement to support visual impaired people navigate the app fluidly; the new overhauled keyboard will read aloud app menus and commands.


Other latest zoom updates

Closed Captioning – New options to adjust size of the caption’s text; closed captioning is not a feature by Zoom, but it seamlessly integrated with 3rd party providers

Calendar Integration – Now schedule meetings directly from the app

Breakout Rooms – Participants can now self-select breakout rooms