There is something about gaming that just works for any age group. But, the novel virus has driven involvement to unprecedented levels. Gaming during Covid-19 reached an all time high.

Statista reports that there are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide in 2020. That means, 1 in every 3 people is gaming, right now. 

The pandemic brought down almost every industry to its toes ever since it struck. Stay-at-home orders further contributed to the loss and movement became a punishable offence. A world that was unstoppable has suddenly gotten idle. Even the busiest of the busy, or the VIPs were working while watering their bonsai at home. The great pause from everything barely left much to deal with and people resorted to that one thing that kills time like a pro – gaming. 

From most popular games like PubG and League of Legends to least popular ones, every game has become some kind of staple. 

The gaming industry divides gamers into 3 categories: light, moderate, and heavy gamers. Light gamers usually play 5 hours a week. Similarly, moderate gamers can give up to 15 hours of their time to gaming. Heavy gamers don’t usually clock in any designated number of hours. However, according to surveys, most gamers from the light and moderate category are spending more than their average hours in 2020. 

And the gaming industry is no exception. They have up their game too. Many new games were launched or are upcoming to your PlayStation or Xbox this 2020, such as Pokemon Sword and Shield: Crown Tundra, Apex Legends, NBA 2K21, Planet Coaster, etc.

In the past, gaming was limited to just two devices, PC and console. It all kickstarted from Nokia when it launched the first ever mobile game called “Snake” in 1997. Ever since then, there has been no stopping. One after another, companies reproduced different forms, formats, styles, and methods of gaming. The introduction of VR took gaming to a whole new level. After all, who will forget the first wild year of Pokemon Go. Another new badge to the merit was addition of features like cross-platform play and cross-save functionality. 

The mobile gaming industry has overthrown even the entertainment industry in terms of revenue generation. Clearly, mobile gaming stands as the largest portion of the big industry that is gaming. It could be worth $77.2 billion by the end of 2020, estimates New Zoo. 

Big names of the gaming industry, such as Nintendo, EA, Rockstar, etc. have been teasing and launching a handful of new games simultaneously. 

A lot of games are releasing out this July too. Every gaming corporation has been benevolent in offering great deals and discounts. So, rest assured, if you have plenty of time at home and some bucks to spare, don’t hesitate in buying that next console or video game you always wanted to own. 

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