The future of technology! We have always been fascinated to know more and more about the wonderment of the futuristic world. It can give us access to further advancements for a better yet realistic life. Flying cars, moving to mars, traveling to space, and wireless electricity are a few futuristic ideas that we all are excited to witness one day. Today, inventors are prepared to rock the world with the most advanced forms of technology. 

Without any further ado, let us look at a few examples of future technologies that can change our lives.

Living Machines

In 2020, scientists developed the world’s first living machines called “Xenobots” which are developed from African clawed frogs’ stem cells. You might be wondering where you can find this robot that has received such an accomplished title. 

A robot doesn’t necessarily require a physical appearance. As long as a technological subject acts on behalf of the human race, it can be considered a robot. Xenobot is also an organism as it has been created by using actual living cells. Another interesting fact is that these robots can be self-replicated, hence, giving them a chance to reproduce. Xenobot is currently in its infant stage with high potential to provide scientific advancements in medicine. 

Cultured/Synthetic Meat

Animal-rights activists have been waiting for the time when the world would be free of animal cruelty and the consumption of animal-based products. There has been a buzz about “clean meat” since 2013 when meat was developed in a lab for the first time using animal cells. The concept received a lot of attention as it contains more nutrition than traditional meat and it also contains lesser saturated fat. The health benefits are impressive. But then what happened? 

The production cost of the meat was whopping. To produce around 250 grams of meat, US $1 million was shelled out. Inventors are finding new ways to introduce it in a more cost-effective way. We can soon avail it in our own countries by 2025. 

Flying Cars

Flying cars were one of the coolest inventions covered in the movies even the ones in the 1960s. But today, it’s not limited just to science fiction or our imagination. There are a few flying car models such as Pal-V Liberty, Aeromobil, and more that are in the process of bringing their best inventions out to the world. Tech and car enthusiasts are ready for a technology that can free us from annoying traffic with us flying in the sky. 

Wireless Electricity

With the discovery of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., inventors are closer to introducing electricity without the physical connection of the wires. New Zealand is the first country that is planning to commercialize its development of wireless technology. 

These future technologies are not too far away from our reach and with the brightest minds and available technologies, it is only possible for us to witness them soon enough. What is that one future technology that you are excited to see? 

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