Have you tried the new Microsoft Edge Yet? In this post, we’ll be discussing all about the Edge browser. And the benefits that come with making Microsoft Edge your default browser. 

We know everybody loves Chrome and Firefox – I do too! And we all think twice before changing our browser. However, there is no harm in trying the new Edge browser. Who knows you may end up liking it more!

What’s so special about this new Microsoft Edge Browser?

The new Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium open-source project. Chromium is the foundation of Google Chrome, and hence the new Edge somewhat resembles Google Chrome. To add on, it further includes features similar to Chrome, supports Chrome browser extensions, and also has the same rendering engine as Google Chrome.

The new edge overcomes the flaws of the old edge. Remember how a website that was designed for Google Chrome used to mal-function in the old Edge? Well, not anymore! The new Edge overcomes this fallacy.

Here’s a brownie point: Microsoft Edge Browser even supports all your favorite Chrome browser extensions. Not just that, it’s really fast, makes it easier to organize information, keeps your personal information private, and provides safety against hackers.

It’s time you bid adieu to the good old Legacy Edge Browser days. Finally, the waiting days are over! With the new Edge browser, you don’t have to wait for Windows 10 to release its major versions to update your browser anymore! Similar to Google Chrome, this new version of Microsoft Edge Browser will update itself every 6 weeks. Isn’t that amazing? 

What are you waiting for? The benefits of making Microsoft Edge Your default browser are many. We recommend you give it a try to experience what it’s capable of!

Let’s look into each of these benefits now.

3 Benefits of making Microsoft Edge Your default browser

1. Absolute Security

Advertisers tracking you while you are browsing something is the least you want! Not any more. Yes, you heard it right! The new Microsoft Edge Browser prevents advertisers from tracking you across the internet by default. The best part is you can set the privacy settings the way you want it. There are 3 simple settings – 

  • Basic
  • Balanced, and
  • Strict

With these settings, you can now easily set how strong you want these privacy settings to be. Not just that, it also helps you to block what Edge considers “potentially irrelevant or unwanted apps.” This includes adware and other ad applications that you may install unintentionally. While all major browsers block dangerous downloads, Edge takes it a step further. This setting, however, needs to be enabled. You can do it by going to the ‘privacy and services’ tab under the ‘settings’ section.

In addition, Edge’s InPrivate mode does a good job of keeping your browser activity private, in fact, better than Chrome’s Incognito mode. That is, it automatically deletes history, cookies, and site data once you close Edge after browsing with InPrivate mode. It even takes a step further by clearing search data. But this won’t work if you are using google search. That being said, it’ a great security feature you won’t find in other browsers.

Coming to the show-stopper feature – it will alert you when your password has been compromised by a data breach. In conclusion, Microsoft Edge offers amazing security features that are crucial for a modern-day web-browsing experience.

2. Provides Focused User Experience

There are many perks to making Microsoft Edge your default browser. One of them being the ‘customization feature.’ It allows you to customize the look of your browser. You can also change the font and the text size. It offers themes like Focused, Inspirational, and Custom.

  • In the focused theme, you can just see your top links and a search bar
  • In the Inspirational theme, you’ll get a new image on the tab page every day 
  • Finally, the informational theme offers customized news feeds

Edge also offers the reader mode – a favorite feature of many. This reader mode takes all the distracting side menus and all the ads out your way – giving you a clear picture. This feature functions beautifully in both – the mob and the website version.  Not just that, this Edge feature even highlights sections as you scroll, thereby, helping you focus on one block of a text at a time. To add on, there is a read-aloud feature that sounds natural and pleasing to listen to. This feature is extremely useful for people with visual impairments.

3. Organized Browsing

There is no one in the world that hasn’t opened multiple tabs at least once in their lifetime. Confession time! This is one thing that we all are guilty of. Even now while you are reading this blog, you might have dozens of tabs open! This kind of slows down your browser, thereby making it hard to find what you’re looking for. But Edge has a couple of powerful features like ‘vertical tabs’ that help keep those browser tabs in line.

While other tools like Evernote or OneNote require extensions to work with your browser, Edge’s ‘Collection’ is built right into the browser. ‘Collections’ offers you to gather information from different websites and store it for later use. And the best thing about collections is that you can access it from anywhere, be it on PC, Android, iOS, or Mac.

Without a doubt, Edge makes it a lot easier to keep track of everything you’ve been working on so you can always find what you need. It’s simple, intuitive, and uncluttered and most importantly helps you keep track of your information.

Wrapping up

We believe it’s worth trying out the new Edge, at least one. The browser offers a clean design with intuitive features. And since it uses the same rendering engine as Chrome, it can run Chrome extensions, which number in the thousands. Also, unlike Chrome, Edge offers a ‘tracking prevention’ feature, which blocks ad providers from tracking you from website to website.

Consider making Microsoft Edge your default browser not just because we are asking you to do so – but to realize the benefits yourself. If it doesn’t suit your requirements and you find other browsers to be better than this – then you can always switch back!

Happy browsing!

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