Microsoft Edge Browser sure did gain a lot of appreciation from users across the world when it was first introduced. In fact, many people saw benefits in making Microsoft edge their default browser. Yet again, Microsoft is here with another surprise! Yes, you guessed it right – Microsoft Edge gets ‘Startup Boost’ feature. To be precise, Microsoft is experimenting with a new “Startup boost” feature in the Microsoft Edge Canary build that will speed up the browser’s startup. However, this new setting is only available to a subset of Edge Canary users at present. But the good news is, the company is planning to release it with Edge Build 88.

What is this ‘Startup Boost’ feature?

With Microsoft Edge now using Chromium, it has become one of the better alternatives to Google Chrome. And Microsoft is busy making several features and performance improvement tweaks for its new and popular browser. As one of the many features, Microsoft Edge gets “Startup Boost” feature that will now allow Chromium Edge to launch quickly on Windows 10. That is:

  • Microsoft Edge processes will run in the background even when Edge is closed. As a result, there will only be a slight or negligible impact on the device’s memory resources
  • Also, Edge will be available immediately when you relaunch it next time

Most importantly, the “Startup Boost” works only when users launch the browser from the taskbar, desktop, and links within other apps, such as the web search pane in Windows Search.

To add on, ‘Startup Boost’ will be an optional setting within the latest Microsoft Edge build – Edge 88. And, users will be able to enable or disable the feature themselves. Also, administrators can toggle the ‘Startup Boost’ on or off on a group-policy basis.

Is the ‘Startup Boost’ feature available on all devices?

According to Microsoft, the feature will be widely available on devices running Windows 10, although the company noted on its tech community page that it may remove devices that “do not see expected positive impact” from the feature. You can check if ‘Startup Boost’ is available within the Edge browser settings under Edge>Settings>System.

For now, it’s only available for Edge on Windows and no other operating systems and platforms.

How to enable ‘Startup Boost’ for Microsoft Edge web browser?

  1. Launch Edge browser
  2. Click on Ellipsis icon > Settings > System
  3. Enable the “Startup Boost” feature

Users can turn off Startup Boost anytime by reversing the step you used to turn on the feature

  • Visit settings  
  • Select system
  • Turn off the “Startup Boost” feature

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