Salesforce Einstein Discovery is a tool for data analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence. It helps users identify data insights. Moreover, explains a wide range of patterns across millions of rows of data in a few minutes. It also helps your team boost productivity and work speed in terms of  Predictions, explanations, and recommendations.  Hence, Einstein Discovery can be referred to as a personal data assistant – readily available at all times. To quickly sift through piles of data and make accurate predictions. 

What can Einstein Discovery do for your business? 

The greatest advantage of Einstein Discovery is that it can help you deal with humongous amounts of data that are presently sitting in different systems and offering little or no value to your business. It is an excellent tool in handling the Terabytes, Gigabytes, Petabytes, and Yottabytes that the systems of your business collate day after day. It is equally effective to help you make smart, informed, and data-driven decisions at an individual or group level. Einstein Discovery empowers business operators to discover insights from various data combinations in a few minutes itself. It is like having an individual data scientist who is available to rapidly filter through a large quantity of data to locate the critical patterns. When it’s finished analyzing your data, it creates natural-language answers, clarifications, and suggestions in a way that is simple for business operators to understand.

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Features of Einstein Discovery

Automated analytics

Analyze millions of data combinations in just a few minutes and get answers to significant business questions.

Narrative explanations

Meet and surpass client demands by understanding clarifications behind the insights and act on recommendations. 

Natural-Language report generation

Collaborate and share insights smoothly. Moreover, create reports as natural-language stories that can be transferred as Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. Also into speaker notes via automated embedding.

Data from any structured source

Einstein Discovery works with the same information you do, whether it’s in Salesforce, a CSV file on your computer, Hadoop, Heroku Postgres, SAP, or any number of organized datasheets. 

User feedback loop

Improve automated learned model by just providing thumbs up/down feedback based on your domain skills to empower even more accurate analysis of your data.

Benefits of Einstein Discovery

  • Quick and smart data discovery: The data analytics function of Einstein Discovery is quick to gather your data from millions of data rows and data combinations within minutes.
  • Quality data analysis: With the collected data, analytics happens in a jiffy to provide you deep insights on what had happened earlier, why those happened, and what could happen.
  • Precise predictions and recommendations: Einstein Discovery offers a blend of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. 
  • Salesforce automation: Results can be visualized in Salesforce Einstein Analytics, employed for triggering Salesforce automation, and included in Salesforce dashboards & reports in Natural Language.
  • User-friendly consumption: The collection of charts, graphs, statistics, and narrative explanations in natural language helps in better understanding the business-relevant metrics. 
  • Smooth collaboration and sharing: Export stories by Einstein Discovery to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Salesforce Wave Analytics.

Final Words

In this highly competitive market, organizations are constantly trying to analyze their data. This is for making informed decisions to outrun their competitors. That is where data analytics and data scientists play a major role. With an enormous amount of data available to work with, these data scientists analyze several dataset combinations. Also, apply mathematical models and provide insights that help organizations make the correct decision. Organizations are also looking for tools that can provide quicker and smarter solutions. With AI and ML advancing by leaps and bounds, there is no shortage of business intelligence tools in the market. Therefore, Salesforce Einstein Discovery stands out in the market because of its powerful performance and unheard-of simplicity in use.