With remote work trends on the rise and the current pandemic, online video calls and meetings have become a part and parcel of all our lives. The video call applications which we were hardly using have now become a part of our daily work routine. Our day starts and ends with a video call – be it from the work or personal front.

So, it’s not surprising to hear a dog barking in the background, kids playing and screaming around, or family members video bombing while we are in our most important meetings/calls. 

All these instances sound familiar? I bet they do! 

We’ve all been in at least one video conference call where background noise coming from one of our fellow colleagues affected the entire conversation. Be it a pen-clicking sound, dog barking, kids screaming, and the list never ends…

Although this is easily solved by going on mute – this doesn’t solve the actual problem. What if the participant is talking and the noise coming from his/her background is not permitting him to communicate effectively or the other participants are unable to hear because of the background noise.  

Don’t you worry! Google has recently come up with a brilliant solution in an effort to end the misery of pathetic background noises that may end up putting you in embarrassing situations.


Video Credits: G-Suite

In other words, the popular Google Meet, a video conferencing application by Google rolled out a new feature that automatically removes background noise during a video call with just a click away. All that it requires is – enabling the noise cancellation feature. Now, isn’t that amazing?

This AI-powered noise cancellation feature was 1st announced back in April 2020. This feature is currently rolling out to G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite Enterprise Essentials accounts. And is expected to reach Android and iOS apps soon. However, there is no news on when this feature will reach non-G Suite users. To add on, this feature is said to be pushed out in a phased manner to selected G Suite customers.

How does this noise filtering work?


Enabling the Noise Cancellation Feature in Google Meet, Here's How

Google has built-in a noise-canceling feature that is intended to help filter out annoying background sounds. In other words, Google Meet uses Artificial Intelligence to remove non-stationary noises, which are noises that vary widely in frequency over a short time. For instance, these non-stationary noises may include sounds like a dog barking,  typing, closing a door, or the sounds of a nearby construction site, etc. When the noise-canceling feature is on, Google Meet filters the noise from your audio input while letting your voice through. That is Google Meet filters out noises that don’t sound like human voices. That being said, voices from TV or people talking at the same time won’t be filtered out. However, if you are thinking about playing a musical instrument or run a music show via video call – then, we recommend you better turn off the noise cancellation feature! 

Enabling the noise cancellation feature in Google Meet:

Note that this feature is off by default. Enabling the noise cancellation feature is made very simple. To enable the same, just follow the below 5 steps and you are good to go.

Step #1 of enabling the noise cancellation feature

From your browser, join or create a Google Meet session. That is, go to the Google Meet homepage

Step #2 of enabling the noise cancellation feature

Once you’re in the Google Meet dashboard, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step #3 of enabling the noise cancellation feature

Next, click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Once you do, a popup window will appear with few options.

Step #4 of enabling the noise cancellation feature

Now, we have come to the most crucial step! Select the ‘Audio’ tab from the list of options appearing on the popup window. You will then see the  ‘Noise cancellation’ button. Click on the same to enable the noise cancellation feature. 

Step #5 of enabling the noise cancellation feature

Last but not the least, click ‘Done’.  Voila, you are in! Now, you can go ahead – enjoy your meetings with zero background noise and disturbances. 

Final Words

This is one of the amazing features that Google Meet has rolled out. Without a second thought, this feature is the need of the hour. Though it won’t replicate an elite soundproof booth, however, it does a good job filtering out unwanted/loud background sounds.

Happy noise-free video calling to you!