TikTok was the next big thing, but fate intervened. The most popular app after WhatsApp, TikTok had the rare chance to pull it off, just like Facebook. But it couldn’t. The question that remains is who will replace TikTok.

Although a favorite of people, it is equally despised by the Government, especially of those countries where it was downloaded the most. India banned TikTok along with 58 other apps amid the rising friction along the Indo-China border. In another news, Apple caught TikTok spying on its iPhone users. 

China and its products have been experiencing growing hate ever since the Covid-19 struck. Owing to the virus’ origin spot, the road has not been smoother for Chinese businesses. 

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The demand for apps like TikTok emerged back when Instagram was introduced in 2020 with its concept of photo-sharing with retro filters. 

When TikTok came in 2018, it took the internet by storm. Unique in-built features and faster processing made the app an overnight success. Furthermore, it worked as a platform for millennials to showcase their personal talents and derive handsome incomes, just like people were earning as YouTubers. TikTokers became the most rapidly growing denizens of the Internet.

One person’s loss is another person’s gain

On one hand, where TikTok is losing stance, new and similar apps populating app stores are gaining on the other. The app might not be losing popularity, but rising tensions and the aggressively growing infection make it’s future uncertain. 

Instagram launches its TikTok competitor, Reels

Instagram is planning to launch Reels – a new video app specifically for short-form, creative content – early August in the US. It has been in action in India since July. 

Reels allows users to create and post 15-seconds videos, similar to TikTok. Of course, there is a horde of different editing tools. 

The move to roll out Reels faster to markets like the US and India is the result of growing tensions with China. The Trump administration said it was considering a ban on TikTok for reasons related to national security. 

Instagram’s reach and popularity definitely give it an upper hand to pick up the majority of users and replace TikTok. 

Homegrown apps make a quick entry in India

Within eight days of banning 50 Chinese apps, Indian startups and entrepreneurs jumped into the market with their exact replicas of TikTok. Apps like ShareChat, Scan Karo, Dhak Dhak, etc., have been seeing a rapid rise in downloads in the last few weeks. 

Clueless TikTokers have begun their migration to these apps and there aren’t any complaints so far. According to a TikToker, these new apps are offering them a similar platform for gaining more and more followers. Needless to say, the revenue flow might start in no time. 

Will Facebook take over TikTok?

Facebook is like Galactus, the planet devourer, from the Comic Book Silver Surfer. It consumes every potential app that starts gaining traction. 2010 was Instagram, 2014 was WhatsApp, and post that Snapchat (the deal was never struck off). 

With TikTok’s popularity and Facebook’s very nature, it’s not deniable that Facebook wouldn’t have thought about the idea. 

So, who will replace TikTok

With the signs of TikTok splintering and users jumping en masse to other similar apps, there are signs of not one or two, but many TikTok replacements. Who will win, only time will tell – and of course you can, by commenting on this blog.