Apple recently released a pre-release version of iOS 16, known as the iOS 16 beta. Soon after its release, there has been an ongoing debate about whether downloading is a good step or not.  

While some want to wait till the company releases the final version, some are pretty curious and want to jump right into the new OS. However, since the iOS 16 beta is a pre-release software version, it may have bugs and other problems. So, before downloading, you need to keep a few things in mind.   

In this post, we’ll guide you through the different steps you should take before downloading iOS 16 beta software on your iPhone. 

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1. Create a Data Backup 

While installing software, things can easily go wrong and result in data loss. Even though data losses rarely happen, there’s still a possibility. So, the best way to avoid it and secure your sensitive information is by creating a backup. 

Create a data backup before installing the iOS 16 beta version. iPhone users can do it via the iCloud service while Mac users can do it on their iPhone through the iCloud service or on their Mac through Finder. Those using an older macOS or Windows version can do it through iTunes. 

2. Get to know the software  

Get to know all about the iOS software before downloading it. Increasing your familiarity with the software will help you identify the changes. For example, you’ll get to know about the new features that might be added or the features that may not work on the older iPhone models.  

Furthermore, know that this isn’t the final version of the software. Apple will release the final version by incorporating or eliminating certain features. So, dig into the challenges of the software and decide for yourself if downloading it is worth the trouble. 

3. Read the Rules 

Make it a habit to read the rules before downloading any software and not just the iOS 16 beta. Reading rules is a must, especially if you’re downloading a particular software for the first time.  

To read the rules, go to Apple’s developer beta website. It has all the information you need to join the developer program. However, the program isn’t free and you’ll have to pay for it. If you don’t want to pay, you can try installing the public iOS 16 beta. It is free to use but will require you to join the beta software program. 

4. Learn to Downgrade 

In case you run into a problem with the iOS 16 beta and want to go back to the iOS 15 version, downgrading can help. That’s why you must learn the downgrade process. Besides, downgrading to the official software may also improve the performance of your device. 

But do know that downgrading is possible for only iOS 15.5 and 15.6 versions. Apple has closed off the downgrading path for versions iOS 15.4.1 and below. So, before you install the iOS 16 beta, learn all about the downgrade process. 

The iOS 16 public beta comes with a range of new features. However, there’s also a possibility of bugs and a few quirks. So, it is up to you to decide whether downloading iOS 16 is worth the risk or not. If it is risk worthy, assess the risk by following the steps discussed here and then download it.