Coronavirus, the scariest life-threatening pandemic that has brought the world on its heels has one major opponent – Big data. This unique 21st century technology has been of massive help in terms of tracking the spread of Covid-19 and monitoring experiments that would possibly lead to a cure. 

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Originated in China in January, this novel virus started spreading around the world by the next month. As of today, 200 countries and territories have been affected. There are more than 37,814 deaths of the 7,85,715 confirmed cases to date. 

Epidemiologists are globally collaborating to use technologies like big data and artificial intelligence to understand the nature of the spread.

Research teams are creating models that screens hospitals, clinics, social profiles of people, and almost anything where data can get used to creating patterns. The models are taking every minute detail into consideration and identifying where and how coronavirus is gaining or losing pace. 

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