Streaming services are the latest business opportunities that the entertainment industry can’t stop indulging in. And the recent example of this rising craze is CNN+.

Long-running channels and TVs exist, but today’s generation – millennials, Gen X, and whatever the most recent ones are called – mainly prefer mobile entertainment. Be it learning or entertainment, they want to have everything at their fingertips. And what was earlier available on mobile and personal computers (with the help of Internet) are now available in smart TVs. 

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ etc., are getting preferred over TV channels en masse. The versatility in content coupled with personalized features like Ad-free streaming, language selection, and high-definition easily wins viewers. Today, there are over 100 streaming platforms, with millions of subscribers who are subscribed to more than one streaming service. Their continued love and support for these platforms are the reasons we are not seeing an end to the birth of new streaming services now and then – one of which is CNN+.

CNN+, or CNN Plus, is the most recent, popular addition of brands in the list of worldwide streaming services. As the name suggests, the application is owned by the same 24-hour running news channel CNN that you already know about. The parent company, however, is WarnerMedia.

We understand you are definitely interested in discovering more about this new service. We will try to cover as many grounds as possible about CNN+ and reveal answers to the questions hovering around this keyword. 

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What exactly is CNN Plus?

Yes, it’s a streaming platform, but not like Netflix or Prime Video. WarnerMedia wants is to get you a service that brings news undisrupted.  

What distinguishes CNN+ from other streaming platforms? What does it include?

There will be 8-12 hours of live programming every day, followed by specials, on-demand news, and exclusives that can only be watched on the streaming service. 

When does CNN+ launch?

March 29, 2022.

Do I really need this? Why should I sign up for CNN+?

If you are a CNN customer already, this comes as a great addition to your existing services. 

WarnerMedia said, “At the launch of CNN+, the CNNgo brand will sunset for users on desktop, mobile and several streaming platforms and devices, and the functionality of accessing CNN TV content will be fully integrated within CNN’s app. CNN will have a single app where CNN+ subscribers can access CNN+ programming and pay TV subscribers can get the TV Everywhere experience they have enjoyed for many years. The app will include CNN’s linear TV feeds of CNN, CNN International, HLN and CNN en Español channels, which will be available exclusively for pay TV subscribers. Pay TV subscribers will also have the opportunity to subscribe to CNN+ to access the full CNN+ programming all in one place. CNNgo will remain on some select streaming platforms.”

Where can I find CNN+? I mean countries?

CNN+ is currently launching in the US only.

How much does CNN+ cost?

$.5.99 per month. $59.99 annually.

However, if you sign up right now, you can get it on a limited time launch offer of $2.99.

Is there anything unique about CNN+?

Yes. The platform will be ad-free. You heard it right. A platform without ads today is hard to imagine, but some service providers understand the value and CNN+ is one of them. So, there will be zero ads played while you are watching your exclusive news specials on the application. 

Which platforms will CNN+ be available?

iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV.