Yes, the Clubhouse app is a social media application. But it’s different! It is an invite-only based audio chat app you can use to connect with people and listen to them. Or, talk your heart out in a chat room whenever you crave to take a break from work. Launched just in 2020, the Clubhouse app gained massive popularity and a whopping 10 million downloads in February 2021. With eminent personalities like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg using the app, it is also basking in the celebrity influence for a while.

Are you wondering whether you must jump on the Clubhouse bandwagon? Especially now when we already have zillion others doing the rounds on the Internet. Let’s understand a little more about the app, so can you decide better.

The Clubhouse App and Its Unique USPs and Features

Few unique features of this app demarcate it from other social media apps. They are also the major USPs and a reason behind the growing popularity of the Clubhouse app. Let’s take a look at them.

1 Social Audio Feature

Social audio is a distinctive feature of this app. The Clubhouse is a simple channel where people can talk and exchange ideas. There are no distractions such as video streaming, downloading or uploading of images, or text message sharing. In a time when we’re overwhelmed by video and image-sharing apps, this one is a breath of fresh air for those who crave to try something different.

One major advantage of the app is users listen only to a select few subject matter experts or VIPs of their choice. They spend time productively enjoying what interests them rather than being a part of all chats. Also, the app offers moderated conversations that are more productive and well organized.

Similar to your Zoom calls, hosts can mute or unmute speakers, and users can raise hands when they wish to speak. This facilitates the chat rooms to operate smoothly with less chaos.

2 Invite-Only App

Another feature that got people inquisitive was the invite-only exclusivity of this app. Akin to real-world club membership that we have. This means you cannot directly download off PlayStore or AppStore, create an account, and start using the app. You need a Clubhouse app invite from an existing user to gain access to it.

In case you are not invited to any discussion, you will have to create an account and be on a waiting list. Whenever a member opens a new chatroom and invites you, you can be a part of conversations.

3 Clubhouse app icon

The Clubhouse app icon is pretty unique. In fact, it does not have a logo or icon. Instead, you will find images of people as icons on your phone. Each of the people you see is a Clubhouse user, either someone who has a great impact or has a deep understanding of the platform. This novel design idea is different from the regular icons we see in usual apps and is another standout feature of the app.

How to use Clubhouse?

Once you get access, you can view innumerable conversational topics to follow. It includes tech, sports, world affairs, faith, and many others. You can follow these also follow people who have similar interests like yours. Apart from joining clubs or chatrooms, you can even start your own club.

When live conversations happen in a chatroom, you can “drop-in” and listen to the conversation. If you wish to speak or share something, you can “raise hand,” but the moderator may or may not allow you to speak. Like any other social media app, you can add your friends to a chatroom, and if you aren’t interested in the conversation, you can leave it.

In short, you can imagine Clubhouse to be a podcast session without a fancy audio setup. Or, you may even think of it as a phone call where one person talks and the rest all listen. The speaker can use a flexible tone, and there are no sound effects or professional editing done.

So, are you willing to give this social audio chat app a shot? Let us know of your experiences in the comments below.

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