Vegas draws travel-lovers from across the world throughout the year, but guess the type of crowd it is pulling at this moment? You’re right. Electronic and tech enthusiasts, thanks to CES 2022. The mega, in-person consumer electronics event will commence tomorrow, with the who’s who of tech. However, not all the biggest names of the tech industry are making it to the world’s first in-person exhibit after a two-year, COVID-led pause. 

In the past, CES was known to attract exhibitors and crowds from around the world. However, times have changed.

The annual consumer electronics show will go live tomorrow from Las Vegas, but without some of the biggest names of the technology domain. These companies will be either appearing virtually for their consumers or not featuring at all. Either way, let’s explore who they are.

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More than a social media platform, Twitter is an identity that everyone wants to gain. While other social media platforms usually attract definite age groups, Twitter’s model finds relevance with everyone, be it individual or group. Still, the world’s most influential social media channel couldn’t appear in the event saying, 

“Due to the spike in Covid cases across the country in the past week, we’ve decided to cancel our in-person presence at CES next month. We’ll continue to actively monitor the situation into the new year and find other opportunities to connect with our clients and partners.”


World’s sixth largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers and third largest MNC after Vodafone and Telefonica, T-Mobile said it will limit its presence at the show. More than being an exhibitor, T-Mobile also happens to sponsor CES. However, it isn’t interested in actively participating in an event it itself is sponsoring. CEO Mike Sievert, who was initially signed for delivering the keynote speech, will not be participating too, either online or in-person. T-Mobile issued the following statement,

“The vast majority of our team will not be traveling to Las Vegas. The company looks forward to an in-person CES 2023, which we hope includes an on-stage keynote in front of a live audience.”


Initially planning to scale down its presence, Pinterest has canceled altogether. The photo sharing and publishing company said it won’t be attending the CES in-person owing to the evolving health concerns. 


Facebook is a company that has recently undergone a massive overhaul in terms of branding and purpose. The company now likes to call itself Meta and is working towards goals that are broader and more futuristic, beyond the Facebook-led accomplishments. CES would have been the perfect spot to showcase the transformation in-person. However, they too are more concerned about health than brand promotions and publicity. Echoing the same reasons, it said, 

“Out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees, we won’t be attending CES in-person due to the evolving public health concerns related to Covid-19.” 

Irrespective of these shortcomings, CES 2022 will go live with other participants.