Now in the 21st century, almost every organization is moving towards digitalization. Because of which competition in the digital world is increasing day-by-day. To compete with the top brands in the digital industry and create your own brand is difficult. But, another challenge is to get it on to the number 1 rank. 

On top of this Google’s getting smarter and more powerful all the time. It keeps upgrading, not in analyzing and understanding web pages available on the web but also to become effective at keeping people within its framework.

It is because, what is better, Google will show results within the SERPs, or it will redirect the users to the ads rather than organic results to make more money. 

It will become more difficult for most of us who are on Google for organic results. The main 16 features which come in Google SERPs are:

  • Ads
  • Knowledge Cards
  • People Also Ask?
  • Site Links
  • Carousel Results
  • Knowledge Panel
  • Reviews
  • Top Stories
  • Featured Snippets
  • Local Pack
  • Scholarly Articles
  • Tweets
  • Image Pack
  • Local Teaser Pack
  • Shopping Results
  • Videos

The SERPs are changing to take results by disguising ads, making knowledge panels prominent to use frequently, and displaying images & videos. These things push organic searches down. 

Therefore, here in this blog, we will discuss the SEO best practices to help you retain your organic search presence. 

So, if you also want to rank your website and drag the 20 to 100% traffic, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss SEO tools designed to increase your organic ranking. With these quick flows so you can qualify traffic for your website.

Website’s Performance

The first thing to rank your website on Google you need to check how your website is doing on google. Check how your current website is ranking in the search results. There are many tools available online to check the rank results for instance Google Analytics, Keyword Rank Checker, and others. These tools will help you determine your website rank. Also, with the help of these analytical tools, you can check for the keywords on your page which can do better. 

With the help of these features, you can set the goal website page and can get your website to the top. The right strategy will help your website to rank high and drag more organic traffic. This will boost your ROI of your SEO strategy. 

Improve User Experience

Let’s just check what the main objective of Google is for their user. It’s simple like other users Google’s objective is to find the best possible result for the user’s query. If Google will fail to do that, users will be less likely to use the search engine again. 

Therefore, Google will keep it safe and do it very well and make it the largest search engine in the world. If you are optimizing your site frequently and then also it is not running well on Google. Why? It’s simply that there is some glitch in the web page why it is not ranking. 

If your website looks vague, outdated, untrustworthy, or is too slow to upload users will bounce back and so the SERPs. You can lose users, maybe a potential conversion, and it will affect your web pages. 

So, how you can improve the user experience that users are having with our website. 

Optimize for Voice Search 

Nowadays people want to quickly do their task and so they will opt for the easiest way. Therefore, no one wants to type and waste their time. So, people will search their queries in voice search. 

As per the stats of recent searches, there are a lot of big differences in voice and text searches. Thus you should also optimize your website for voice search, also for the results that users are given. 

For instance, use long-tail keywords for voice search, use structured data because it comes from feature snippets, and so on.

Refresh Your Old Content

If you don’t want to clutter your old blog post content then you can just rephrase it or write some extra content in that. Likewise, you can update your old content from time to time. 

It will also help you in maintaining the value of your last web page. Rather than writing from scratch, it will be easy to boost the existing web page in the search results just by refreshing its content.