This year’s Fourth of July doesn’t require you to be geared up for all the pomp and show, but cherish the moment silently. It doesn’t want you to show up around large gatherings of people, but stay home and avoid crowds. It also doesn’t want you to bring on the fireworks, but pop a soda can and stream something on Netflix. 

With recent spikes in Covid-19 around the world, especially in America, 4th of July will be a lot different this time. In the wake of the pandemic, most of the states have canceled any sort of celebration that would draw gathering. 

While you are not allowed to encourage public gatherings and follow social distancing to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, there are still many ways to enjoy this holiday best. 

Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean your July Fourth has to be boring. Technology and some right advice are here for you to make your Independence day as interesting as possible. 

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Start streaming

Take a trip down the memory lane with some good old classics that were once box office winners. Movies like “Back to the Future”, “Terminator”, “Star Wars”, and “Star Trek” are some sci-fi movies that never get old. The cutting-edge CGI that made these movies really ahead of its times are always a treat to watch. 

If you are really into American history, movies like “Apollo 13”, and “Lincoln” are some of the best ones to watch. 

And, since it is all about Independence, the day won’t be over properly if you don’t watch a few movies of the same genre. Stream into movies like “Independence Day”, “Armageddon”, “Apocalypse”, and “War of the Worlds” to get that blood inside your veins flowing twice as fast. 


Go shop, but online

4th of July Sales are usually record-breaking. The pandemic may have restricted people from going to the stores. However, it couldn’t restrict stores from coming to the people. Most of the popular stores that boasted about being non-digital are up and running like regular online stores. 

What’s even smarter is they are also running your favorite holiday deals. Take a look at some of the top 4th of July sales below:

  • Amazon: Sale on Echo and Alexa
  • BestBuy: Smart TV’s from $99
  • Dell: Up to $1000 off
  • Nike: Up to 40% off on sneakers
  • Home Depot: Up to 40% off on all appliances
  • Apple: $100 off on MacBook Air


Get Gaming

Grab hold of your headphones, put your fingers on the joystick, and dive into the world of Nintendo, EA, and Rockstar games. The most popular games of 2020 with their most challenging levels are here to keep you hooked for hours. 

Have a group that can join you? Better ditch that joystick and play some board games with friends and families.


We guess that’s enough from tech to keep you safe and entertained on the fourth. We wish that you celebrate the next fourth of July risk-free with zero limitations. Happy Fourth!