It’s that season of the year that everybody eagerly waits for. Yes, the holiday season! Halloween is already here and with Christmas just around the corner,  Google says that searches for “early deals” in the US have spiked significantly over the last month. Here’s some good news for all the shoppers! To accommodate the rising customer needs and make shopping easier, Google recently launched a range of new and revamped features on Google Shopping for the U.S users. The tech giant rolled out some features to Google Shopping to make local shopping easier with information like pickup options and availability of products. In short, Google’s new shopping features include price insights, deal alerts, and comparison tools to bring the best prices for the products you are looking for. 

What makes Google’s new shopping features stand out from the crowd?

Though most of the digital shopping platforms are offering ‘steal’ deals for the holiday season, not all of them are great. But don’t you worry! Google’s new shopping features are going to help you separate the good ones from the bad ones with its amazing tools.

How? You ask! Let me explain it to you. Once you search for a product on Google and click on the Shopping tab – Google will display a graph with the product’s current price and the compared prices from all over the web. So, you can decide whether to wait a little longer before making the purchase decision or if you should buy it right away! I know, amazing right? 

Google’s new shopping features

1. Price insights

U.S users will now be able to see price insights and check whether the listed price for a product is high, low, or typical when compared to other prices from across the Web and in nearby stores.

You can view these insights by accessing the Shopping tab from Google search. From there, you will be able to see these insights on the Shopping product page of the preferred product.

2. Price comparison

With this new shopping feature, you will be able to view various prices and purchasing options from a range of stores. You can also compare online and local options as listed. That is, you will be able to view and compare its prices with purchase options from multiple stores. Thereby, making the purchase decision easy and profitable for you.

3. Price tracking

The new price tracking feature will alert you in case the price of a product that you’re considering drops. These alerts will either be sent through email or via the Google Search app. 

How do you avail Google’s new shopping features?

To use Google’s new shopping features, you just need an active Google account. And you can view a list of all the products you are tracking by clicking on the ‘My Activity’ tab on your Google account. It’s as simple as that! 

To elaborate on the same – when looking for something on Google, you can also just tap on the Shopping tab, and then apply the Nearby filter to view product options from nearby stores along with a map view and list of stores in the area. By doing so, you will be able to preview the products with price details, store contact, and pickup options like in-store or curbside.


Google’s new shopping features are available only for people in the U.S for now. However, Google may soon roll out these features in other countries as well. Fingers crossed! 

What do you think about these new features? Drop us a comment!

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