In the fight between humans versus the coronavirus, nobody has any clue who will win. However, several technologies have come together to help humanity prevail, and AI tops them all. Artificial Intelligence has come naturally to us and is building a robust foundation since its advent. The myriad applications of AI are helping humanity arrive at meaningful conclusions. 

From pandemic to play, there is no broader category that AI is not influencing. Over the years, organizations working on its progress have seen massive improvements. Widespread adoption is also resulting in increasing the areas of applications of AI. 

Mundane tasks or scientific, AI is helping everybody alike today. From smart assistants like Alexa and Siri that help you with daily chores to machine learning that is helping automate the world, the usage is enormous. 

But, how is AI helping the Earth, our world, and its people? What roles does it play in achieving sustainability? How does it help make predictions about the future of our planet? These are some questions that we will try to answer by covering the 10 major applications of AI.

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Weather & Climate Prediction

“Climate change”, the rapidly growing concern that is bothering citizens and governments alike, would already be in its last stage if AI was not there. Experts have also come up with “Climate Informatics”, a tech that uses AI to understand the effects of climate change. 

A slew of other projects is helping combine data from the environment to discover and predict changes. 

Disaster Response

Emerging technologies in AI are using data to pinpoint where the next disaster might occur. Today, natural disasters and its relevant information are available to the governing bodies allocated to manage it. However, improper coordination and lack of automation lead to the losses anyway. 

A smart AI technology is helping first responders prioritize which resources to save first. This smart way of understanding disasters can help determine optimal response strategies. 

Smart Agriculture

AI-enabled drone technology is the most prevalent image that we get to see everywhere. However, agriculture is using artificial intelligence way smarter than that. 

Agriculture experts are using AI for their various kinds of decision making. For instance, they use AI to:

  • Provide timed nutrition to livestock
  • Determine the right quantity of water, pesticides, and fertilizers

Disease Screening  

A group at Mount Sinai used AI algorithms to predict the development of diseases with 94% accuracy. Furthermore, imaging capabilities powered by artificial intelligence is helping healthcare professionals identify and screen cancer. 

Conservation of Wildlife

The University of Hawaii’s Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project to analyze 600 hours of audio that recorded the number of collisions of power lines and birds. Machine learning uses this data to predict which zones are seeing maximum collisions. 

Wild Me, an organization that uses high technology and citizen science to observe wildlife, uses AI to log, recognize, and track endangered species by analyzing pictures that people upload on the Internet. 

Similarly, various other projects put AI to use and save organizations in their conservation efforts. 

End Hunger Crisis

NEWS or Nutrition Early Warning Systems is an application that uses trending technologies to identify regions with food shortages. It basically uses machine learning and big data to recognize areas that are at an increased risk of food shortage crisis. This could happen due to many reasons, such as crop failure, drought, and increasing food prices. 

One of the biggest applications of AI, solving the hunger crisis can also help solve inequality and poverty. 

Separate Fake from Real News

News has the ultimate power. When used correctly it can help create revolutions. Similarly, this can create chaos why used by the wrong people. 

Recently, Facebook and Twitter removed the “Racist Baby” video tagging it as a doctored article that was posted by President Trump of the United States. In other recent news, Facebook was reported teaching its AI to separate deep fakes. 

Social media giants like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter, among few others, are the top users of AI. They use the technology to find words and patterns that could lead to fake news. Once spotted, they are removed from the platform instantly in order to demote negative influence.