There was a time when business leaders could leave technology and the use of different technologies to the technologists. But not anymore. Technology today has evolved so much that we will be out of the race soon if unable to keep up the fast technological pace!

This requires every business leader to become technology literate. This will help you stay prepared for any kind of tech uncertainties. The latest news in technology across the globe demonstrates the significance of Mr. Albert.H.Segars’s concept of the 7 latest technologies that will soon transform the entire world. Albert claims the technological revolution is altering our four key realms: commerce, health care, learning, and the environment. This demands you to stay updated with all the latest technology news and understand the technologies that are driving it, the capabilities they offer, and their potential impacts.

Let’s explore these technologies, their significance and benefits – one-by-one. This valuable piece of information on the latest information technology will come handy while you and your team strategize to understand today’s business frontiers and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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