With lockdown, working from home, and the pandemic fever – you might have given relaxation time to your fitness and health routine. But on the contrary, it is now – you have to pay more attention to staying fit and healthy. The more fit you are, the more immune you will become to infections and diseases. Sadly, with most gyms and fitness centers closed as a result of the pandemic – you might find it difficult to stay loyal to your workout routines. Don’t you worry, we have a way to keep you motivated and stick to your exercise and workout routines! We have gathered a list of some amazing fitness gadgets that can optimize your workouts and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Did you know? A psychological study by Liza Rovniak from Penn State University found out that fitness gadgets are incredibly effective in terms of motivating young adults to start working out. Not just that, they also found that their physical activity increased within a three-month period. Fitness gadgets don’t just motivate you to get going, but they also inspire you to start eating healthy. And help you become competitive in terms of setting and achieving personal fitness goals, tracking sleep, monitoring heart rate, and overall leading a healthy lifestyle.

Check out these 5 cool health and fitness gadgets

1. HAPIfork

Can’t get enough of the yummy food? Find it difficult to control yourself from eating an extra spoon of your favorite dish? Or you tend to eat fast thinking of the amount of pending work? Don’t you worry, HAPIfork has got your back! HAPIfork is a gadget that can help you reduce your eating pace and stop you from eating that extra spoon that you should be avoiding anyway.

The sensors in HAPIfork will alert you through tiny vibrations when you are eating really fast. It can also track your eating duration and the amount of food you are eating. Most importantly, it will also track the intervals of ‘fork servings’ per minute. You can track all these data via an app that comes with it by transferring the data with the help of a mini USB. However, there is a chip kind of thing which is the brain of this gadget. So ensure to remove this part before you wash it!

2. Fitbit Charge 4

Charge 4 is Fitbit’s most advanced tracker so far. And its slick, swim-proof, and smartwatch-like features make it extremely attractive and irresistible. It has built-in Spotify, GPS, and Fitbit Play capabilities. This gadget is a must-have for runners, sportspersons, athletes, and swimmers who need to monitor their miles and movements. Not just that, the new Active Zone system will automatically detect and reward you with double credit for achieving your workout and performance goals.

3. Sensoria Smart Sock V2.0

Who imagined, Sock can help you stick to your workout goals? Yes, Sensoria Smart Sock V2.0 has made it possible. Sensoria’s smart socks are made from advanced fabric with proprietary textile sensors that are specifically designed for running. These socks work with a mobile app that will guide you with its real-time audio cues as you run. In other words, you can even connect your socks with the Sensoria Run app and get real-time feedback on your activity from a virtual coach. That is, these socks collect real-time data, including the steps you have taken, the calories you have burnt, altitude, speed, and even distance. And they can even track your heart rate so that you can optimize your workout. Why need a personal trainer, when Sensoria Smart Sock can do it all?

4. NURVV Run

Body posture and the way you workout are equally important as the mere workout routine itself. Workout, if done wrongly can do more harm than any good. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, having proper running techniques is important. Because this can help boost your speed and reduce the risk of injury. This is where NURVV can help you. NURVV Run’s technology with its unique insole solution uses biomechanics to collect data on your step length, foot strike, pronation, and asymmetry. Along with this, their coaching app analyzes the data and gives you insightful tips on how to balance your workout routine.

5. Tangran Smartrope

Jumping is the best workout there is and most of us have passed our childhood stage with the happy memories of playing with skipping ropes with our friends.  The Tangran Smartrope is similar to a skipping rope but with a twist that makes it even more appealing. How, you ask? This fitness gadget makes exercise even more enjoyable by doing the counting for you, both in-air and in-app. Amazing isn’t it? The updated version will even display your workout data mid-air. After your workout, the Smartrope syncs your data to a smartphone so that you can easily track your fitness/workout data. Happy jumping!

6.Peleton Bike+

With pandemic and lockdown imposed upon us – we were all confined by the 4 walls of our homes. Thereby, impacting all the outdoor hardcore runners and cyclists. The good news is there are many cool fitness gadgets that allow you to exercise indoors with the same outdoor feel. One such invention is the ‘Peleton Bike+’. The original Peleton in fact revolutionized the home exercise bike. Moreover, its successor has a bunch of new features that make it even more appealing and irresistible, especially to cyclists. Its new “Auto-Follow” resistance system is based on target metrics and automatically makes adjustments to what your instructor is telling you to do. While a rotating HD screen on it makes it easier to switch between cycling and floor-based workouts. Now, how cool is that? Not just that, it perfectly syncs with the Apple watch as well and keeps all your hard-earned workout achievement scores in one place!  

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