The Internet is now becoming the way to earn money. Therefore, every day more and more people are turning towards the digital world. There are many online methods from which you can grasp income. There are many ways online to make money, you can put your skills to work online or start your own business.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities available online. 

Not only this, there are many online courses available. Many websites are offering free online courses in different domains. You can do these online courses and leverage the opportunities to earn money online. You just require hard work and determination to complete it. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss a few ways to use technology and make money online.


A new popular domain in which you can work part-time according to your preference is freelancing. Many organizations are offering freelancing projects to people according to the skills they have. You can opt for the online freelancing courses also in different domains available online. 

The main benefit of freelancing is you can get clients or projects to work on globally. With professional skills, anyone can build a good online presence with the many online opportunities to expand further. 

In starting just focus on building your online presence. As soon you will start getting positive reviews from clients your profile will become more stranger day by day. 

If you are selecting freelancing as your future career then select the domain of which you have the proper knowledge. It can be any writing, designing, blogging or vlogging, and many others. 

There are many platforms where you can register your freelancing business. Some of them are iwriter, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.


Do you think you have a creative mind to express your views when you are writing anything?

If yes then writing is the best option for you to start a business by creating your blog account. 

Blog writing will not only bring money but also bring recognition with it. Earning money on blogs can be possible through ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and many others. When you start getting traffic on your blogs you can see, different brands will start approaching you to keep their brand’s ads on your blogs. 

Many successful bloggers earn lakhs every month from their blogs. A successful blog can bring a regular and useful income.

Creating a blog on a topic is based on your choice. But it is good to choose a niche where you can write knowledgeable, interesting, and positive information. You can select any niche from fashion, technology, education, traveling, and many others to choose from. 

Become a Social Media Influencer

If you are the person spending almost all the time on social media and love to do experiments there. The social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others. Then here is the good news for you. 

You can now earn money online through these platforms. Nowadays the social media platforms are the most popular choice for influencers. Many people are using social media platforms as social media influencers to boost their business. 

To use social media platforms as an influencer you require a lot of followers and need to engage with your audience. These are not only things you need to keep in mind, to become the influencer you need to focus on a niche where you can succeed. For instance, your account can be about music, fashion, clothes, technology, or anything else.

Whatever you have selected you have to be with it and need to send regular updates to your followers. 

When you have 10-20K followers you can start approaching brands to sponsor ads on your account. Once you will have 50K followers it will remarkably become easy for you to earn money online.

Selling Handmade/Homemade Items

Is your hobby is to craft things?

You can earn money from your hobby by using technology.  

Handmade or homemade items are in demand globally. Therefore people are earning handsome amounts by selling their creations. There many homemade items which one can sell online, for instance, incense sticks, candles, rugs, jewelry, knitwear, soaps, etc.

You can sell these items through social media accounts which are Instagram, Facebook, or even your WhatsApp account. Also, you can create your website to showcase your handmade products online and sell them. 

To sell these products online you need to have a good knowledge of social media marketing. There are many free online courses and tools that you can use to get started. 

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to showcase your passion for an item and turns it into an income source. 

This can again be done by start writing blogs in a particular niche with the proper knowledge and understanding. You can start writing about any type of product or service. Some of them are cleaning products, music, dance, swimming, or home improvement ideas.

Your domain can be wide or specific; it depends upon you. As you can write about home decorating items. You can stay focused on the dining room or can write about each corner of a home. 

The affiliate website drives traffic to an offline retailer through these articles. In return, the retailer will give you some of the commission on the sale of each product.

To start with an affiliate website learn affiliate marketing online and leverage this technology to earn money.