If we will imagine the world post-COVID then we will see a lot of change in customer preferences. This is also why we should have to agree that this preference will last till the crisis. But this is also the fact that these preferences of them will change their demand and they want these new technologies to be there with them always. 

Digitalization, philanthropy, and sustainable development goals (SDG) will be in trends for the current year as well. Therefore, we will have to do the continuous technological changes in our business trends in 2021. 

Here are few technological trends and business trends we should follow in 2021:

Trend 1: Drug revolution with COVID-19 testing and vaccine development

In the drug industry COVID caused a big shakeup, it is making it quicker and easier to trial drugs. Many clinical researchers put their trials on hold, or many of them shifted to a virtual structure by conducting consultations online and collecting data remotely. These remotely clinical trials will continue after the crisis and may permanently alter pharmaceutical development.

In the pharmaceutical industry, we have seen new inventions in a small period of time. For instance, COVID 19 test kit has been developed all over the world. Also, a remarkable fast development of COVID vaccine by UK and US pharmaceutical companies: Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.

Pfizer and Moderna have developed mRNA vaccines, are to fast development in the technological innovations and human industry. In 2021, we will see more innovations throughout the year.

Trend 2: Expansion of videoconferencing and remote working

In this area, we have seen immense growth during this pandemic and this practice will continue throughout the year. There are many new video conferencing applications in which Zoom has created a household name during the pandemic. Likewise, there are other corporate tools that have carved their name in facilitating remote work. Some of them are Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Microsoft’s Teams, and Verizon’s BlueJeans are the best video conferencing systems.

There are many other ventures which are emerging in the industry during this pandemic. These startups have provided visual collaboration programs maintaining a team to create and share the content, trained employees, track projects, and many more.

Trend 3: Contactless delivery and shipping become as normal

Everywhere in the world, a new practice of contactless delivery and shipping has started in this pandemic. In the US, it has been seen a 20% increment in preference for contactless transactions. 

There is no-contact delivery is being normal everywhere. Many drop-off delivery options came up during COVID. For instance;  DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Instacart. These all are grown because of customer’s requirements for contactless delivery and will also continue in 2021.

Trend 4: Telemedicine and telehealth flourish

Many institutions are working to lower the exposure of COVID 19 to the patients or workers. Therefore, many institutions are started offering telehealth services. Such as; A.I. avatar-based diagnostics, doctor-patient video chat, no-contact-based medicine delivery. 

In 2020 telehealth has surged by 50% compared to the pre-pandemic. IHS Technology has predicted that 70 percent billion Americans have started using telehealth services in 2020. After that Forrester Research predicted that over a billion telehealthcare visits will reach in this year. 

There are many startups that have come up as a telehealth service platform. Some of them are MDLive, iCliniq, 98point6, and Eden Health. These platforms have contributed towards the growing needs of health services in 2020 and will offer more creative solutions in 2021.

Trend 5: Ongoing autonomous driving innovation

We will see major progress in autonomous driving technology in 2021. Honda has announced recently that it will soon be going to produce autonomous vehicles. As per the customer preferences who don’t require any driver. 

Likewise, Tesla has come up with a new invention in their automobile range. As their autopilot not only supports lane centering and automatic lane changes but also from this year, it will also recognize speed signs and detect green lights.

Soon, Ford is also joining the race of launching autonomous driving cars ridesharing service launch in 2021. Mercedes-Benz is also integrating some degree of autonomous driving technology in their new models from 2021.

Business & Technology Trends Going Ahead

This development in business and technology this year will continue. In this, the influence of COVID 19 will evolve during the year. Adapting the technology in our behaviors will become part of our life in this year 2021. This will help drive major technological and business innovations.