Imagine you are about to enter an important meeting and you just wanted to check the pronunciation of a word so that you don’t embarrass yourself in that meeting. What would you do? You would either ask google or check the pronunciation via an application that is meant for this purpose! Yes, there are mobile apps for everything today! Want to check your REM sleep cycle? There is an app for it. Want something to remind you of all important meetings and other things? There is an app for it. Be it anything you need – you will definitely come across an app for it. If not – you will at least come across something similar to it or who knows – that app might be in the making while you are reading this blog (wink, wink). That’s the extent to which technology has grown today and it never leaves a chance to surprise us. Now talking about apps, there are a couple of apps we are sure will make your jaws drop and make you wonder – ‘such apps exist too!’ Yes, you guessed it right. We are going to discuss some weird, bizarre mobile apps that will make you go from  ‘hmm to WOW!’ 

Get ready to be entertained because these bizarre mobile apps are sure to pull your curiosity string. Let’s dive into them right away!

5 Bizarre mobile apps you didn’t know existed 

1. Nothing

This app is the first on our bizarre mobile apps list. And yes, you are spot on! As the name suggests, this app does nothing at all.

Nothing App

Shocked? Wait until you listen to this. This particular app doesn’t even have an icon. When you download and launch this app – you’ll just see a blank screen and nothing else!!!  

And here comes the best part – you have to read the description of this app. It’s to the point and does exactly what it says. And that is – ‘absolutely nothing!’ Kudos to whoever has developed this app. Here’s the most bizarre thing – this app even has a pro version and to get this version you have to pay just $0.99. 

Do I hear a sigh? You may be wondering – why do people download this app when it does nothing? Good question! Here’s the catch – with your mobiles buzzing all day – I am sure there are times when you feel like shutting down and decluttering your mind and phone from all the notifications that have been fighting for your attention like forever. This is where the Nothing app can help you – because it does nothing and gives you time to relax and declutter. It’s indeed like a digital detox. 

I recommend you give this app a try because there is no harm in trying – there are only gains or nothing at all! 😛

2. Fake conversation

This app is a lifesaver for many! I will tell you why. Imagine you are stuck in a meeting or conversation from which you want to escape badly. At times, you may even plan and may ask one of your friends to call you on mobile at a decided time and save you from the conversion that you were trying to escape from.  

The only difference with this app is you don’t have to rely on a 3rd person to call you. As the app name implies – ‘fake conversation’ allows you to receive fake phone calls. You may ask – there are so many apps that do that, what’s so special about this app? Yes, I agree that there are many apps that will simulate an inbound phone call. But there is one thing that makes this app stand out from the rest. And that is – this app will help you carry on a convincing conversation with the fake inbound call you received.  To those around you, it makes it look like you are having a legitimate phone call. In other words, this app will play prerecorded audio. All you need to do is listen to what is being said, repeat it and then listen again for the next prompt and so on…you get the point! 

3. RunPee

Now, picture yourself watching your favorite movie that you have been dying to watch in a movie theatre. And all of a sudden you get a sudden urge to rush to the restroom! Happens right? And there is nothing more frustrating than coming all the way to watch your favorite movie at a movie theatre and missing all the crucial scenes. Worry not, there’s an app that can help you not miss any of the crucial scenes while you’re busy answering nature’s call. And that app is called – RunPee and it’s absolutely free.

As absurd, weird, and bizarre as its name sounds – believe me, this is a great app that most people today rely on – especially movie lovers! This app has all the crucial movie-related information like the movies’ release dates. And most importantly, tells you the best time to take bio breaks. Hence the name RunPee. 


The sole purpose of this app is to ensure that you don’t miss out on the movie, especially not the crucial scenes that make the movie interesting. To elaborate, this app knows when a not-so-important scene is coming up. And when that scene appears, this app will notify you with a message – saying now is the ideal time to take a bio break in case you need to as you won’t miss anything big in the movie. Not just that, it even shows if there’s an ending credit scene in the movie so you don’t miss them. Amazing isn’t it? All you have to do is just start the timer when the movie starts and relax. Rest, the app will take care of. 

All the movie lovers out there – this is a must-have app!

4. iBeer


This is a fun app that helps you pass time, your way or should I say – ‘the fun way’.  This bizarre yet fun app – iBeer fills your phone with virtual beer. All you have to do is tilt your mobile phone next to your mouth and voila it appears as if you’re drinking beer. In other words, this app offers an iBeer live wallpaper that fills your mobile phone’s screen with bubbles and frothy foamed beer, without even having to start the app. 

5. Fake battery

Tired of sharing your mobile phones with your sister, brother, or friends? Even worse, if you are a parent! Here’s a question for all parents out there – when is the last time you saw your mobile phone? I know right. Your phone is more with your children than it is with you. And you dare not take it away from them – of course, because of all the obvious reasons – fear of having to witness their tantrums!

Fake Battery App

So, are you tired of others gaining control over your phone than you – the actual owner? If yes, then this app is for you, my friend. As the name suggests, the fake battery app once installed and launched – will show a fake low battery warning on your smartphone’s screen. I must say, this is one of the clever ways to keep your mobile phone safe with yourself. 

And the list of bizarre mobile apps never ends…

Out of all the bizarre mobile phone apps, I have mentioned only a few favorites. Still, there are many apps out there I’m sure will blow your mind away. 

So, have you come across any such weird, crazy and bizarre mobile apps that pulled your curiosity strings. Please share it with us in the below comment section. 

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