2020 was a year of change, disruptions, technological advancements, and pandemic. 2021 has definitely more in store. Let’s discuss the 5 big things coming to the tech industry this year. 

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Alphabet, Google’s parent company is working on a secret superhuman hearing device project code named, “Wolverine”

Alphabet’s X Lab is working on a top-secret AR project that, if successful, will offer humans enhanced hearing capabilities. The project is believed to have launched in 2018. It aims to  explore the future of hearing and how it can solve some of the biggest challenges in several domains if realized. 

The name “Wolverine” comes from the famous character of the same name played by Hugh Jackman in the famous X-Men Hollywood movie series. In this fictional series, Wolverine is an X-men who, along with his other powers, has an incredible sense of hearing.

Elon Musk will get inside your brain, for real

We all are aware of Musk’s highly ambitious project to make the human brain as an input device for future machines. According to sources, Neuralink hopes to start human trials by late 2021. Musk’s public respose to a Twitter inquiry was, “If things go well, we might be able to do initial human trials later this year.” 

Big executive shakeup at Amazon

After a long and successful term, Jeff Bezos announced he will leave his post later this year, passing over the helm to Andy Jassy, Amazon’s top cloud executive.

In a letter to employees, Bezos said, “I’m excited to announce that this Q3 I’ll transition to Executive Chair of the Amazon Board and Andy Jassy will become CEO. In the Exec Chair role, I intend to focus my energies and attention on new products and early initiatives. Andy is well known inside the company and has been at Amazon almost as long as I have. He will be an outstanding leader, and he has my full confidence.”

Facebook re-friends Australia

Amid much controversy and debate, the Australian government that imposed a “News Media Bargaining Code” that made Facebook block news content has been called off, for now. 

Strongly opposed by both Google and Facebook, the new code that required tech giants to pay for news content appearing in their feeds has been put on hold. 

Campbell Brown, VP of Global News Partnerships at Facebook said, “Going forward, the government has clarified we will retain the ability to decide if news appears on Facebook so that we won’t automatically be subject to forced negotiation.” 

Irrespective of the current stance, the Australian government says it will introduce 4 new amendments and give parties more time to reach a compromise. 

WhatsApp users will lose access

WhatsApp received a huge backlash in January 2021 when it announced its planned privacy policy update that allowed Facebook to gain more control over user data. 

After a display of worldwide nonacceptance, it moved the enforcement deadline from February 8 to May 15. But, what happens after that?

Here’s what the company has to say to non-complying users: “If they still don’t accept the terms, for a short time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but will not be able to read or send messages from the app.”