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5 Amazing Microsoft Products That Failed Badly After Launch


Most of us our “Windows” people, using Microsoft Windows for decades. Along with Windows, the tech giant has developed many products such as Office, Azure, Xbox, Edge, etc. But do you vaguely remember using MSN Messenger for chats? Or the Microsoft Mail that gave us the bliss of sending and receiving emails? Well, several Microsoft products did not last very long post-launch. Many of them were used for quite a while before they vanished into oblivion.

Let us go down memory lane and revisit some of the top Microsoft products that are no more in use today.

5 Awesome Microsoft Products We Use No More

#1 MSN Messenger

One of the most famous Microsoft products, MSN Messenger was widely used since its launch in 1995. Seeing the green dot on our loved ones’ MSN profile was true bliss as it indicated they were online and we could start chatting. MSN could be considered a gateway to the social network that we are addicted to today. MSN has inspired tech giants like Twitter and it has been the favorite tool for a decade till Facebook was launched. Sadly, MSN shut down in 2012. Even though we have commenced using several social media platforms and chat apps, MSN will remain etched in the 90s kids’ hearts.


Launched in 1996, MSN TV was the first smart TV that could be connected to the Internet. It was one of the classy Microsoft products that the company built after acquiring WebTV Networks in 1995 for $425 million (£280 million). Another specialty of this TV was people could also use it for browsing the internet. Microsoft stopped MSN TV in 2013.

#3 Microsoft Bob

In 1995, Microsoft launched an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) called Microsoft Bob. It was compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT. The software had creative icons that users could click to access various applications on the OS. Rover, a cartoon dog assisted users in the form of speech balloons. Microsoft Bob, as interesting as it may sound, was launched in 1995 and discontinued in 1996. The software offered an easy-to-understand interface that was user-friendly and made Windows accessible to all and sundry. However, it didn’t take off as expected and hence was discontinued.

#4 Microsoft Mail

People enjoyed email service as early as 1991, thanks to Microsoft Mail. This software made sending and receiving messages on the local network easy and interesting. Although it was a rudimentary type compared to today’s superfast mail software, Microsoft Mail was used widely for communication. With the advent of other high-speed email softwares, Microsoft chose to shut down Mail in the late 1990s.

#5 Terraserver

We’re so used to Google Earth that we rarely remember this elementary software – Terraserver. It was one of the most fascinating Microsoft products as users could view their house, neighborhood, or any place of their choice. Before satellite imagery took over the internet by storm, Terraserver gave you the visual and virtual pleasure of exploring places that people wanted to visit. Microsft killed Terraserver in 1999.

Do you recollect using any of these Microsoft products? Do let us know in the comment section. Share this post with your friends and ask them to comment as well. 

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Image Courtesy: Unsplash

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