Google Chrome is an essential tool for daily work – the site of all the web apps and websites we use for team collaboration and individual research. But it is also home to some of our biggest distractions – like social media, news feeds, online communities, and video – which compete for our productive attention. There are several Chrome extensions you can use to work more productively – from reducing digital procrastination to automatically tracking your online browsing time. The right Chrome Extensions can help you save time, get organized, and eliminate distractions while browsing the web. 

Here are the 14 best Chrome extensions for 2020, to enhance your experience online. 

1. StayFocusd

StayFocused monitors the time spent on certain sites and gives you the option to block the popular ones like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or other pesky social media sites. This tool helps you avoid distractions when using Chrome by restricting the time you’re allowed to spend on them. It allows you to set a predetermined amount of time you can spend on websites like Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube. You can configure your account to block entire sites or even specific in-page content like videos, forums, games, and more. Once you’ve hit some time limit, StayFocusd blocks access thereto site for the remainder of the day. You can also customize which days of the week and which hours of the day you want your time limits to be enforced. 

2. Momentum 

With this Chrome extension, you’ll see beautiful images along with the local time front and center, the current weather in the top right, and an inspirational quote at the bottom. You can fill in your main focus for the day so you’ll be reminded every time you open a new tab – all for free. Get inspired with a daily image and quote, set a daily focus, and track your to-do list. The Premium version lets you add customizations like multiple time zones and integrations to auto-populate your “Main Focus” from your task manager of choice. 

3. Grammarly

With all the writing you do on the computer, mistakes are bound to happen. The solution to this is Grammarly, which will seek these out and fix them for you. It also gives you suggestions on style, tone, and word choice to make all your writing inside Chrome “bold, clear, and mistake-free”. In short, the Grammarly extension is your constant writing assistant to make you a more effective communicator.

4. ClickUp

It is an award-winning free to-do list app and project management software used by companies like Google, Nike, and Netflix. It offers customized statuses to Gantt charts to help keep you and your team productive at all times. With the ClickUp Chrome extension, you can create new tasks for your to-do list, bookmark websites and take screenshots, track the time you spend on websites, create an HTML record of any Gmail/Outlook email and add it to an existing ClickUp task. This is an all-in-one Chrome extension to manage your projects.

5. Google Keep

When you already have a lot on your plate, file organization is usually at the very bottom of your to-do list. Enter Google Keep, the virtual personal assistant for balancing multiple projects and ideas. Its primary function is to take care of notes and to-do lists. You can also save images and pages and add notes to them later on.

6. Todoist 

Todoist’s Chrome extension will convert any URL into a Todoist task from within your browser. Useful articles, drafts in Google Docs can be saved as a task so you won’t waste time tracking it down when you’re ready to finish. The possible uses are endless. Just click on the Todoist icon in your extension tray and you’ll be able to see all your Todoist task lists. Click “add website as a task” and Todoist will save the URL of the page you’re currently viewing so you can navigate into it when you’re ready to complete the task.

7. Download Manager

Download Manager is an alternative to the marketplace extension. It places an inventory of all downloads during a menu that’s accessible on the upper right corner of the browser window. Look for specific downloads or instantly access the complete, default downloads page from that menu.

8. Noisli (Background Music)

Noisli provides a choice of background sound combinations to help you in concentration. Choose from falling rain, the sound of a storm, coffee shop noise, fire crackling, the sound of wind and crickets, wood noises, and much more. This tool has one among the foremost extensive archives of any sound list on the Chrome library. It has different noises combinations for reading, writing, or focusing. 

9. Win the Day

This Chrome extension helps you set and achieve specific goals as shown on your homepage. Just enter a goal you want to reach within a specific time period and see your progress each day whenever you open your Chrome browser. For those of us who respond better to deadlines, this can add the productive pressure needed to get tasks done. The web app also blocks your most distracting sites so you can get down to work.

10. LastPass (Password Manager)

This password manager saves your login credentials across your devices.  It is the all-in-one solution to keep your passwords handy under one source with a master password that’s totally secure. The extension will automatically remember all your passwords seamlessly while providing suggestions that can’t be hacked or guessed by anyone else.

11. Mailtrack

This free Chrome extension for Gmail shows if your email was received, opened and the number of times it was opened. This is a great app to have if you’re managing clients and need to know whether they’ve received your email or not. 

12. Buffer 

With this extension, you can queue up content for your social media posts. The app automates your social posting so that you can queue up your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more ahead of time and have them post at the best times for peak engagement. 

13. Pablo

Pablo is a free app that helps you quickly cobble up artful, social media-friendly captioned images that you can add to social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. It allows for quick highlighting of text snippets and images from local or online sources that you can then customize further to match the social media platform of your choice.

14. Wikiwand (Wikipedia Modernized)

Wikiwand transforms Wikipedia’s bland, serviceable interface into a more visual punch. It combines clean, readable text columns with an integrated side menu offering the table of contents, improved media gallery, and other useful quality of life features. It is a contemporary reader for web and mobile, that optimizes Wikipedia’s content for an insightful and improved reading experience.

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