Technology blogs that provide the most recent news from all industries are connected with millions of tech enthusiasts and enterprises from all industries. Looking for tech blogs to keep up with the latest technology trends? No worries! Your search ends here! The top 11 technology blogs are listed below, bringing you the most recent news from around the globe. 

The Verge 

Even though The Verge debuted in 2011, it is still regarded as one of the top tech blogs. It provides news updates, product reviews, videos, and content for some of the top companies operating today. The Verge covers a wide range of topics, and its podcast is a quick and convenient way to stay up to date on the latest technological developments while multitasking. 


TechCrunch serves as a virtual knowledge vault for global entrepreneurs and startups around the world. The blog has articles on lawsuits, stock market IPOs, and other business activities of well-known firms worldwide that read like magazines. If you would profit from in-depth analyses of fresh companies, tools for growing your business, and access to industry-approved directories of certified service providers, think about being an Extra Crunch member. 


One of the top technology blogs for professionals across many industries, Wired offers terrific suggestions for how to communicate the subjects that matter most to your audience. Politics, society, and contemporary life will always have an impact on your company, and this blog will provide you some wonderful ideas for how to portray the subjects that are most pertinent to your audience. 


From a small news outlet, Engadget has grown into a popular technology blog with millions of readers! The blog’s readers visit for the most recent reviews and news in entertainment, gaming, and technology, and they leave feeling happy and well-informed. You can search the back issues of some of the top early tech periodicals using this technology blog. Any news regarding the most recent devices and technology, video games, and NASA technology is covered by Engadget. 


CNET remains on top of the game by giving unbiased evaluations of a wide range of amazing tech goods and trends. The website is a priceless source for in-depth analyses of the most recent technological items on the market, and it has a slick news blog that will keep you informed of the most important stories in the technology sector. 


BGR offers a wide range of topical topics that will assist you in understanding the most recent technological advancements and in making wise tech decisions in daily life. One of the top tech blogs, it offers news updates, product reviews, and shopping specials that are always pertinent to a large readership. By checking the trending list that appears on the BGR website’s front page at least once per day, you may stay up to date on tech news in less time. 

Venture Beat 

One of the top blogs for news and events in transformational technology is VentureBeat. Every day, the blog covers one new topic to help professionals and businesses find what they are looking for. From artificial intelligence and video games to marketing, media, and transportation, Venture Beat covers it all. 


SlashGear features articles, product reviews, and sections for technology, cars, video games, entertainment, and science. The subjects are many but nonetheless hold interest for those who are concerned with how technology is shaping the future. One of the better tech blogs that isn’t terribly technical is SlashGear, which we highly suggest. Think of it as inclusive, easily accessible tech news. 


Mashable is one of the most popular technology blogs on the web right now! Get all the information you want from Mashable in one spot – across industries. This is a terrific location to search if you gain from introducing new products to your target market online. One can also find some fresh gift suggestions with many roundups and product reviews on the platform. 


ZDNet is one of those sites that combines modern culture, technology, and information technology. Consider it as an online magazine that enables you to smoothly integrate technology into your daily life. From programmers to instructors, students, and internet marketers, everyone will find something interesting to read at ZDNet. 


For business-level professionals who make technological decisions, it is one of the most well-liked tech blogs. On the website’s top page, the blog displays stories that are currently trending. You can also browse content areas for the Cloud, IoT, AI & ML, Blockchain, and Big Data. You can learn more about emerging technology in a section specifically devoted to it.

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