Nothing can beat a boxful of roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, but have you ever tried mixing traditions with technology? Why not try it out this Valentine’s?

We have shortlisted some of the coolest Valentine’s day tech gadget gifts you can give to your significant other. 

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Top 5 Valentine’s day tech gadget gifts for ‘Her’

A curated list of technology gadgets you can present to ‘Her.’

#1. HB Ring


Would you like to ‘show’ your lady love how fast your heart beats for her, irrespective to where she is? With HB rings, you can.

These one-of-a-kind rings are the most exquisite tech wearables right now on the planet. HB Ring allows couples to view each other’s heart beats in real-time – provided both the rings are connected to the accompanying smartphone. 

A thin strip on the ring will light up everytime a heartbeat is transmitted – which is a visual representation of the pulse.

Can you guess what HB stands for?

About the item: The rings come in a black case that also doubles as a charging pad and has red soft inner padding, which is pure pleasure to touch. Combine HB RIngs with the FeeL app and you will explore new ways of using your heartbeat. 

Each ring is available in solid gold or stainless steel with the most wear-resistant coating out there. The unibody sapphire exterior makes the surface almost unscratchable. 

Find it on

#2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11


Women love taking selfies. Why not give them a great camera then? And not just any camera; an instant photo-printing one. 

The Instax Mini 11 by Fujifilm is an instant camera that not only allows you to capture your memories, but print them right away too. 

A great item for couples who want to document their memories or take fun memories home in a tangible format. 

About the item: A small, sleek camera that takes portrait-perfect pictures and is available in soft colors.

View it on Amazon.

#3. Apple AirPods Pro


Who wouldn’t love a pair of AirPods Pro – especially when your significant other is an iPhone user.

These wireless earbuds are worth every buck you spend because of many reasons. They fit great, comes with the most-advanced set of capabilities, and of course offers a superb listening experience. 

With the feature of Audio Sharing, you and your soulmate can share the same music, play a game, or watch a movie together.

About the item: Incredibly light, these noise-cancelling headphones magically connect with your iPhone or iWatch. 

Buy them online on and get a free engraving added to the case to make the AirPods unmistakably hers. 

#4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


Not everyone is an Apple user, but if you want to gift something that is equally high-end, this smartwatch by Samsung is for you.

A really stunning watch, it comes with capabilities that ensure your ladylove stays ahead of her health needs. The watch comes with heart rate tracking, ECG capability, blood pressure monitoring, and hordes of other fitness-tracking features. Plus that 40mm dial size goes perfect with every female wrist.

About the item: Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in stainless steel or aluminum and in a wide range of faces, bands, and finishes. A long-lasting battery keeps you going for 5 days without charge while helping you achieve your various fitness goals.

Find it on Amazon.

#5. Smart Jewelry


Women and jewelry go hand-in-hand. So, is there jewelry that promises a digital edge? 

Your wish has been answered. Meet Bellabeat Leaf, a smart jewelry-cum-health-tracker.

About the item: A water-resistant jewelry health tracker that does not need charging. Yes, you read it correctly!

The battery includes a coin cell that lasts 6 months so that you can track steps, distances moved, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycle amid other things 24 hours a day. 

Find it on Amazon.

Top 5 Valentine’s day tech gadget gifts for ‘Him’

Now that we are done with the ladies, let’s help you find the best Valentine’s day tech gadgets for men.

#6. Bose Frames


Mix tech and style with this outstanding gadget by industry leader in sound engineering. Bose gadgets have a reputation for being the favorites of music connoisseurs for its noise-isolation, sleek design, and immersive sound quality. 

Irrespective of your partner’s personal choice, this is something that will definitely get his heart pounding.

About the item: Audio sunglasses that comes with built-in Bose speakers offering an experience that is second to none. Open-ear audio feature allows you to enjoy the music while staying aware of your surroundings. Whether it is streaming videos, playing music, making calls, or accessing your phone’s virtual assistant, this gadget stops at nothing.

Stays true to the sunglass concept by blocking up to 99% of UVA/UBA rays, weighing less, and being available in different trending designs, such as wayfarer, sports, rectangular, and cat eye. 

Find it on Amazon.

#7. Multipurpose Backpack


Help him travel hassle-free with this multipurpose backpack that safely stores all your devices without disorganizing them. 

Unlike regular backpacks, these multipurpose backpacks have definite compartments for definite items. Also, there is a USB charger outside that allows you to charge your mobile phone while on the move. 

About the item: Matein Travel laptop backpack comes with USB charging port and convertible designs that serves well for professional and travel purposes. Unzip to get 40L storage.

Explore it on Amazon.

#8. Echo Show 10


More than its predecessor Echo Show 8, this Alexa device line is designed to make your experience even better. 

About the item: Make video calls, smartly control your home, use it as a digital frame, or simply have fun with Alexa – this device is packed with all the smartness you have always wanted. 

The device is available for preorder on Amazon. You can also go for Echo Show 8 if waiting is not your thing.

#9. Drones


Drones are the most in-thing right now. Apart from various industries that are using this concept’s capabilities to make new discoveries, they are also known to be famous among men. 

If your partner has a thing for PlayStations and Xbox, this will surely be his ultimate favorite. 

Find the best compact drone that is easy to fly. Our suggestion is DJI Mavic Air 2.

About the item: DJI Mavic Air 2 is a drone quadcopter that captures impressive 48MP photos and delivers 1080p FHD resolution livestream. The battery stays for 30+ minutes and has many unique features, including obstacle avoidance. 

Find it on Amazon.

#10. iPhone (of course)

This needs no detailing.